Huron Christian School

             Happenings in Grade Two - With Mrs Devereaux

Welcome to grade 2! This is where you can find out about our daily activities. 

Word Wall Words

bug, boy, drink, how, I, into, it's, junk, not, or, off, quit, stop, said, saw, to, two, too, trip, they, thing, thank, use, very, won, was, were, went, who


Writer's Workshop 

Creation Studies



Working with Words

Students have the opportunity to work on their phonics skills and learn their word wall words through the active working with words centres. Students will be given the choice to pick what centre they would like to work on. The types of activities include playing around with letters to make words, practicing phonics skills, and learning our word wall words. 

Work on Writing

Students have the opportunity to write about what interests them the most. Students may choose to write about any of the writing genres we have explored already or write about any story of their choice. This allows students to feel like they have choice and control of their own writing. Students also have the opportunity to use their creativity and imaginations.

Brain Breaks

Taking breaks from school work is vital for our brain energy. We often take breaks from schoolwork and get moving so that our brains can work hard again. Physical activities are common as well as stretching and hand movement exercises so that we can activate both sides of the brain. 



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